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Health/Exercise/Goals for the Week

November 11, 2012

Health/Exercise To-Do list:

  • Walk for aerobic exercise
  • Yoga
  • Try Brahmi for energy/ADD/motivation
  • Continue with Fish Oil supplement
  • Find new vegetarian sources of protein and add it to everyday eating.

Goals for the week:

  • By monday, finish up the work prototype.
  • Buy a present for husband’s birthday and make his favorite food.
  • Celebrate Diwali (Show some interest)
  • Start the second work prototype.
  • Make DD read 1 book every alternate day.
  • DS – Chess game, tennis everyday
  • Finalize music classes for kids
  • Finalize curtains for home.

Update  11/17:

11/11/2012 – Walk 4km

11/13/2012 – About 10min yoga (which cannot even be counted)

11/14/2012 – Walk ~3km (slowed down coz of DD)

11/17/2012 – Walk – 3km (again took both kids, so it wasn’t the full 4km).

  • Started Brahmi, but didn’t see much benefit
  • Protein for the kids – Alternating Ragi malt, boiled and sauteed chick peas and Jonna dosa for snack (only for kid# 1), kid#2 hates the ragi malt, and I only eat chick peas. Moderate success I guess

Goals update:

Didn’t meet any goals except celebrating Diwali (couldn’t muster interest as much as I’d have liked), finalize curtains, and tennis everyday for kid.

Overall not too bad on the Health/Exercise front, but personal and family goals need further improvement.


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