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Career and ADD

October 31, 2012

You are smart, but always found yourself in smarter company. Thankfully you had a supportive spouse who pushed your limits, and you ended up being moderately successful. He coaxed you to conquer your fears and you’ve succeeded in getting a Master’s degree from a decent American university. But you ended up in a tough career area, and always felt average amongst extremely smart and/or hard-working co-workers. Unfortunately you were never the self-disciplined, hard-working type either. As a result you were never confident in your capabilities. You switched jobs every couple of years and you weren’t sure why, but now you know.

You moved countries without much hope of finding a good job. You were lucky and transitioned into the new country with the same job. Just as you are starting to get bored and stressed with the remote job and frequent travel, you get another excellent opportunity (with excellent pay) that you’ve never dreamed of. You have flexible timings, work from home opportunity and management responsibilities and can look after the kids without having to rely completely on outside help. Finally you were the smartest among the team, and there are people who rely on you. And YET…..barely a year into the new job, you are already bored to death. You are stressed because you are not performing well and you feel terrible about it, and yet you cannot muster the strength to do something about it. You feel terribly guilty about not spending enough time with the kids. You need the pay since you need to support the family while your husband pursues his dreams (you encouraged him to do this). All you want to do is quit and look after the kids, but inside you knew there is no guarantee that you will be happy with it. And who would be mad enough to quit such a comfortable job…

You battled with low energy, low motivation, irritability and ADD all your life and you’ve never realized it. Your weaknesses got masked because of your above average intelligence and everyone (including you) thought you were just lazy. Now that you are raising a kid who is extremely smart, but suffers from exactly the same symptoms (times 10) you now realize what afflicted you. To help understand your kid better, you read books, visit doctors and educate yourself in every possible way. In this process, you’ve finally realized why you haven’t had a successful career (you benchmark yourself against your friends who scored lower than you in school – a cardiologist and an investment banker) despite having everything going your way. And now you want to help the kid overcome those seemingly insurmountable barriers, but first you have to overcome your barriers and you don’t know how to do that. Good luck to you girl…You are not alone..there are lots of people like you out there –

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