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Interesting Flight mates

May 26, 2018

I sat next to an interesting black dude on my way to India. He is a vegetarian and used to be an aero-space engineer that got laid off, is into real-estate and other things to make money. He is on his way to Manila where he bought some real-estate and wants to spend time there. He doesn’t know when he’ll be back. When I said that it’s great that he had the luxury to do that, he said, “Oh it’s easy. I own a night-club in Denver and it doesn’t need me to be there”. He is full of ideas – buy land, do farming – raise chickens, or dairy farming and grow his own food (and barter for the rest). He strongly believes that’s the way humans should evolve into. All this is good, and I kept nodding my head saying I couldn’t agree more.

And then he looks at the maps on the TV in front of him and says that the maps are all wrong. The continent sizes are all wrong (North + South america is the largest continent) and I thought he may be right. And then he says US is not the west, but the east and I said it depends on how you look at it since earth is round. And he says “Earth is not round, but flat. All the creation theories are hoax. Humans, animals and plants are meant to be how they are today. There is no such thing called evolution”. I asked him how he knew that. He goes, oh I am in touch with the creator (He calls him an AWE) and I know. He wants to create a spiritual temple. He doesn’t believe in religion since it’s man-made. He doesn’t believe humans are allowed to intermix their “seed”. They are meant to stay in their respective countries and not immigrate. Humans are making a mess of things by confusing all of these.

At this point, I promptly put my head-phones and turned to watching the movies effectively ending our conversation.

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