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Next phase of life

May 17, 2018

Landed a job last week after going through a roller coaster ride of emotions ranging from high stress, despair, worry, exhaustion to relief and happiness. Considering the options I had, I probably would have landed a better job. But in order to pursue the other options, I’d have to decline the offer I have in hand (they weren’t going to wait). I didn’t have the strength to do that considering the precarious situation we put ourselves in. Going back to Mother India tomorrow to bring the kids along. Major love and missing each other happening between the parents and kids separated by continents for 2.5 months. We’ll be back to normal – bickering, yelling, talking back etc. within no time.

Husband is still in the process of job-hunting, and I give him free advice about not to be stressed now that one of us has a job. Renting a house literally costs an arm and a leg here. No chance of buying a house in the near future considering we’d have to sacrifice a few organs and body parts to pay the mortgage, property taxes etc. Since we’ve been living in our own house(s) for the past 20 years, this will be a new experience.

A toast to our journey into the next phase of life.

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