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Supermarket experiences

February 4, 2018

We live in the border of a most coveted neighborhood on one side and a predominantly muslim area on the other. I frequently go to a supermarket in the area where grocery prices are cheaper. On one of my trips to the store, I saw 2 women in a burka behind an aisle blatantly eating ice cream. After they were done they didn’t even bother buying anything before they stepped out of the store. It’s no wonder that people are treated very suspiciously in most stores this side of town. Before we step in the store, they tag the bags shut and only open them at checkout. I later realized it’s so you cannot steal stuff and hide. It used to offend me but not enough to go shop for the same stuff in the expensive side of town.

In another incident, I went to another supermarket to quickly grab a few things I needed. Got them and stood in a checkout line, behind an old lady with a driver and a truck load of stuff. There was a buy one get one free for something she bought and when the store clerk pointed it out, she went to get it. I left some space for her to come back again. A guy barges into that space and jumps the line to go in front of me. I politely got his attention and once he realized what he did, instead of apologizing he started attacking me rudely. “If you are next, stand here. Why would you stand there?” and so on. For a moment I was shocked, but immediately I saw “RED” (didn’t help that I was PMSing). Suffice to say I reacted and words were exchanged. But the result of that altercation is what surprised me the most. I immediately got ushered into the next counter where a clerk checked my stuff at jet speed. There was an instant shift from me being an unnoticed shopper to folks in the store being respectful towards me. Lesson learnt – “Assert yourself and you will be respected”. The clincher is when another dude does the same exact thing to this guy behind me and barges in before him in the line. Karma is a bitch.

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