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The opposite of ‘multi-tasking’

November 29, 2017

Single-tasking, uni-tasking, mono-tasking, concentrating, maintaining focus are some of the the words people tried to use as the antonym for ‘multi-tasking’. None of these terms however resonate with what I have in mind. You see how all of these words including their antonym ‘multi-tasking’ have a positive connotation, where as the word I need is intended to be ‘unfavorable’ (I chose not to use negative). What would you call a debilitating issue where if there is a major decision/task to be made/done, one cannot do anything thing else except for the most mundane tasks like eat, sleep etc. Should we call it “Debilitate-tasking”, “disable-tasking” or “dead-tasking”???

There is still No End in Sight for us. And while we wait for it to happen, we postpone seemingly normal tasks like inviting folks for dinner, out of town visits, bringing parents over for their health checkup etc. Also didn’t bother to celebrate two huge milestones, a milestone birthday and a milestone wedding anniversary. It’s not like I do something to resolve it (husband does though), yet have a busy, cluttered mind incapable of functioning in a normal mode. Wish there is a magic wand or a switch or a medicine to make our brains work whenever we need them to.

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