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40+ and still learning lessons

June 24, 2017

It’s amazing how we could turn 40 but are still in the process of learning life lessons. And at the same time feel stupid for not figuring out stuff that seems obvious to most people. It must be the adverse times that brought about these realizations. Would we have loved being happily ignorant??

Anyhoo, our biggest lesson today is “my money + your money != our money“. Do not be stupid enough to believe this no matter how close you are to the other person. There can be “no money” left when we need it. And most people seem to know this already <sigh>.

The second lesson is how only people who you care about the most and are closest to you have the power to hurt you the worst. As cliched as this statement sounds, it is also true. And is it any surprise that we didn’t realize this until it happened to us.

The last lesson for today is about how lucky we are to have supportive parents, parents who have your back no matter what, and parents who are alive period. We are happy to have figured this out even if it’s late, because there are plenty of people out there who still haven’t.

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