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Daddy’s girl

March 21, 2017

Exams are over and kids got their grades. The girl did not get good marks in 2 of her subjects. She came home and gave me a letter. In it, she goes “I’m so sorry about my marks. <lists her marks here> I feel bad that I did not do well and I couldn’t say them to you. Again so sorry”. As usual I went on my spiel saying there is no point worrying about it now, and that she should’ve thought about it and worked hard before the exams.

To be honest, we are not diligent about helping her with studying either. We (mostly dad) spends about a week before the exams. And these study sessions get intense because only then do we realize how little she knows. Obviously it’s not enough time to be ready for the exams.

At dinner, she was still sad and almost on the verge of tears. She goes “Amma please don’t tell my marks to Nanna. He worked so hard to help me study, and he will be really sad to see my marks”. I told her she might as well tell him and get it over with soon because he will know eventually anyway. When dad comes home from his business trip, we somehow managed to spill the beans. Here comes a Father-daughter senti scene straight out of a telugu movie. Daddy feels extremely bad for his hurting daughter. He hugs her and tells her not to worry about her marks. Consoles her saying they’ll work hard for the next exams so she’ll get good grades. And the girl sincerely agrees with the dad.

And when the next set of exams arrive, rinse and repeat the same story.

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