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New Year Reflections

January 20, 2017

2016 is a mixed bag, somewhat ok for me, but crappy for the husband. But when I look back on my resolutions for 2016, it was a complete failure.

  • Household chores (10%) – Curtains still dirty. One out of 2 balconies got cleaned though. Organized clothes closets out of necessity, but no progress with books and others stuff. I still don’t put away clothes regularly.
  • Growing plants (0%) – managed to get potting soil, but that was about it. My daughter took the soil and planted methi and coriander seeds. They sprouted and are ready to be plucked (zero contribution from me). Thank god for responsible kids.
  • Career (0%) – no job and no money of my own. This needs a post on its own.
  • Separate finances (5%) – I have my own account where I manage the money I get from my dad. But didn’t make any money this year, so not much done on this front.
  • Reason with kids (40%) – I don’t scream or yell at them as much (thanks to no job stress). They listen better, and I feel closer to them now than ever.
  • Kids Activities (25%) – Started basketball for son. None for the daughter. However, they are both addicted to screens more than ever.

I was a lot more relaxed this year, and spent time with kids, parents, friends, shopping, reading a lot, and other addictions (both good and bad). However I want to get back to work and not waste my time which is what it feels like most of the time. Husband’s business went from bad to worse with all sorts of problems. We are considering a major decision on which I’ll write a separate post. Don’t even want to make any resolutions since it will all depend on this decision of ours.

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