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December 28, 2016

At the dinner table today, I started rattling off about things my son could improve on. He turned it around and asked if I have anything positive to say about him. I did tell him his positive traits. Daughter joined in and called for family time (husband was out of town, so just the three of us). Family time is when we sit together and either perform our talent or discuss something. Today during family time, each of us ended up saying good/bad things about the rest of the family.

It was so pleasant discussing the good things about each other. Kids knew enough about their negative traits since we are all quick to point those out. So we went through those real quick. They were pleasantly surprised and happy when I listed out their positive traits. I’m listing them here:


  • Very responsible, when tasks are assigned she completes them ahead of time.
  • Very charming and funny.
  • Empathetic – if someone is in a bad mood, she tries to pacify them or at the very least knows not to aggravate them.
  • Extremely helpful – you can count on her help when needed.
  • The glue in our family – rounds us all together for anything. The rest of us are happy sitting in our corners doing our own stuff.


  • Responsible – wakes up and gets ready for school all on his own.
  • Smart
  • Goes to his activity classes regularly without any complaints.
  • Good listener (I want to put a caveat and say when he is in a good mood. But I’ve said we are not attaching any negative caveats to the positive traits).

Guess who was the happiest after this exercise? Me. They came up with so many good things – some of which are very generic to all mothers. Here is the list (paraphrased):

  • They feel like they can talk to me about everything without hiding (like some of their friends do from their moms)
  • I always get them what they want.
  • I am relatively lenient (not strict specifically) unlike some other parents.
  • They love that I take the time to talk to them sometimes.
  • Oh and my son said I can really study and perform well if I have an exam (I recently got a technical certification, and he saw me prepare for it). He had his doubts before that because he’d never seen me study.
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