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August 19, 2016

So so proud of the girl PV Sindhu for going into the finals. Watched the game and it was a treat. The girl was amazing. She showed so many colors – stressed, frustrated, excited, aggressive, happy, on the verge of tears – some bad shots, some silly mistakes and some great shots. She was such a contrast to the cool, calm and collected Nozomi who was amazing too. In the end our girl won. Good luck to her for the final today.

On the other hand why oh why are the medalists being showered with crores of rupees AFTER the olympics??? I just wish they’d invested that money on the players before the olympics and we’d probably have a few extra medals. I was so happy and heart broken at the same time for Dipa Karmakar. If only she had better coaching/training facilities, she would’ve won the medal. But no, we only choose the winners to shower with money and gifts after the fact. How stupid is that???

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