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Facebook Fun

April 16, 2016

I am narcissistic, and I realize I do love to talk about myself. And that sentence had 3 “I”s – 4 if you also count “my”. Now this post is about FB posts, and I am slightly FB shy. Meaning I do not post much, but when I do, it’s mainly pictures of me and/or my kids. People are selfish and it reflects a lot in the FB posts. These are some kinds of posts/FB behaviors that are annoying, but at the same time some of them provide a lot of entertainment value.

  1. Blowing the trumpet about their new additions to the garage, which could be one of the mighty and legendary merc/bmw/ferrari etc. These picture posts are so tacky.
  2. The Uber Narcissist (usually girls/women) who posts picture(s) of themselves almost everyday. Accompanying super sweet captions will include how “blessed and pampered” or “super thrilled and content” they are, their “sweet home dairies”, “beautiful <insert vacation spot>”, “crazy shopping fun”, “blissful blasts/happenings with besties”, “darling all stars (kids) celebrations” and πŸ˜˜πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ˜β€ . You get the drift. I swear I have one of those from a friend in my feed everyday.
  3. Another variation of the narcissist – Posts about what they ate for breakfast/lunch/dinner, their work, cubicle, view from the officeetc., and their workouts/fitness regime/dance classesΒ  daily. I understand getting excited about food occasionally, but daily 3 posts about it – please spare us.
  4. Jesus followers who post or share captions and videos about Christianity 3 times daily. This has zero entertainment value and I simply block their posts from showing up in my feeds.
  5. The persistent admirer who posts about 10 different comments with slight variations on how great someone else looks in the same picture. Isn’t it so obvious that they are crushing on the other person (At the other extreme, I may cyber stalk someone I have a crush on silently, but I’d never even “like” their pictures πŸ™‚
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