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November 16, 2015

Read this article and a few of her points resonated so well with me –

  • These words from Mindy are truly inspiring. She seems like a tough cookie. “The encouragement you have to find is within you, in that little fire that everyone’s always trying to put out. So getting used to people encouraging you? You can’t get hooked on that, because it will not come until much, much later, after you’ve proved it yourself. That seems like a bummer thing to say, but it’s true. I mean, when you’re a chubby Indian kid with a haircut that’s like a boy’s, sitting in the classroom, and you say you want to be a leading lady in your own plays, any reasonable person would be like, ‘Eehhh… I’d revise your ambitions.’”
  • I was an extremely shy kid in school and college. Forget about boyfriends, I couldn’t even gather my nerves to talk to boys. Through all of this, I could totally relate to Mindy about being boy-crazy, too susceptible to handsomeness, too responsive etc. My parents found me a good boy who did turn out to be extremely nice. If I had a choice, I’d have been totally immature and would’ve married the first idiot I had a crush on. And I may not be the best person to give advice about this. BUT I think girls and boys should interact with each other, explore relationships, get their heart broken and go through the growing pains that will make them tougher and allow them to make the right decisions when the time comes.
  • Just like her, I think of myself as a smart person, love to read, keep up on global events etc. But when I was younger I  hated shopping, makeup, jewellery and all the girly stuff – possibly because they went against my internal image of being a smart girl. Today, I still hate shopping, but I do love getting ready and making myself beautiful. I also love girl talk and gossiping. Being girly, loving makeup, gossip etc., and being smart and/or an intellectual are NOT exclusive to each other.
  • On a tangential note, there was a comment on facebook which said “Love of reading is not a qualification for being smart”. I was wondering if there is some truth to it? Reading is an integral part of my life, so much so that it shaped my personality and made me who I am today (more than my parents did). But, while I do read good books, 90% of what I read is junk (romance, fiction etc.). I have an addiction for reading and if I have to read a book a day, I can’t help but reach out to the ones (junk) that make me happy (as opposed to heavy reading everyday). I still feel like I learn something even from the junk, and maybe they do enrich me. I am introvert and don’t socialize much, and how am I to understand the way of the world if not for my books. So I guess in my case love of reading is a qualification for being smart.
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