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Politics and Moderation

November 9, 2015

I started out being a strong Modi supporter, but slowly came back to reality that there are no miracles happening with this government. Bihar election results are out, and while I am sorry about Lalu coming back to power, I am happy that BJP lost. Hopefully this will dim their arrogance a bit and bring them closer to delivering on their promises. Dear Modi, it’s time to deliver on the assurances made to the people of Andhra Pradesh!!! The state is bankrupt and bleeding despite the optimistic glow painted by the CM.

So many heated arguments breaking out on twitter, whatsapp, facebook etc., with seriously opposing views. Honestly, I don’t see the point of these discussions – it’s not like they can convince each other. On the other hand, these arguments are turning friends against each other and end up with someone or the other leaving the group.

My positions on recent political happenings:

  • Beef Ban: Seriously?? People have been eating Beef since time immemorial. Get over it.
  • Raghuram Rajan talking about bans and such: YOU have no business making such statements. Please stick to economic policies.
  • People returning awards: WHO the heck cares??
  • Bharka Dutt saying “Shahrukh, we don’t deserve you”: HA HA HA HA….

And I totally agree with these 2 opposing views:

Not being a Modi fan doesn’t make me:

  • Pro-Congress
  • Leftist
  • Pakistani
  • Hindu-hater
  • Pro-corruption
  • Anti-India
  • Any other fucking thing

neither does being pro Modi make me:

  • a bhakt
  • a bigoted troll
  • a sanghi
  • a cow urine drinker
  • gowmata freak
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