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2014 reflections

March 2, 2015

Already into March, but I still wanted to do this post.

It’s amazing how little changed since 2013. I could put down the same status as last year with some minor changes/progress and be done with it.

Work is a roller-coaster ride, and I am ready to quit. But my resignation will have big implications on 2 companies, and an entire team will be affected, so I am not making the plunge yet. However, I am struggling to figure out how to get out of the quandary I am in. I just want to quit and take a nice vacation to recharge. Then decide what I want to do next.

Personal – Husband made some big investments that seem to be working out okay (it may be too soon to tell). He is also slowly detaching our finances from his evil family. However, this has sparked extreme jealousy in his family members. It’s bringing out the worst out of everybody, and they are resorting to blackmail, death threats against us and kids etc..  It’s draining out all our energy and we haven’t been able to focus on anything else.

On the positive side, kids are thriving. They each have their areas which they excel at, and it’s boosting their confidence. This despite very little attention from us. I rarely supervise their work or make decisions for them.

Health and Exercise – No major changes here. Mostly been going for walks once or twice a week. Switched to brown rice.

I’ve been very irregular to book club meetings – went to just one last year, and I am planning to be more regular with these.

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