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2013 Reflections

January 19, 2014

I’ve been meaning to do this since before the new year, but never got to it. Went for a walk this morning and had a chance to reflect on 2013. Decided to put it in words:

  • Exercise: The good thing about 2013 is that I stuck to walking 4km about twice a week. My goal for last year was to walk atleast 3 times a week. Obviously I didn’t meet the goal, but I am still happy that I did not give up on it. Since the last 10 years I’d start some thing (yoga class, aerobics class, walking etc..), but I would give up the moment there is a gap. Last year though, I forgave myself and went back to it even when I had a 2-4 week gaps in walking.
  • Kids: Kid #2 settled down with dance as her main activity. She had talent for it and loves bollywood dance, but was a little reluctant when I started sending her to the classical dance classes. She started enjoying it after a few months, but still is extremely shy to perform in front of others. After much pleading, coaxing, begging, threatening, I got her to perform in front of cousins – so I think we’ll slowly get there. Kid #1 started guitar and will be taking his first exam in June. His interest level varies from being very interested, to being lazy about it. Both of them can now swim in the 8ft water, but their technique needs to be improve.
  • Work: Quite happy with where I am at by the end of the year, although there was a phase when I thought I’d have to look for a new job. Need to put more effort if I want to see some career growth, but I am never motivated by that for some reason.
  • Health and Eating: Settled down with some healthy eating habits like nuts every morning, sprouts occasionally, green tea for husband etc. But still need to find healthier food options for kids. Touch wood, but kids are not getting sick often anymore – probably had to do with them building immunity in India after almost 2 years. Fish oil works wonders for my blues and ADD. Husband’s health issues need to be addressed though.
  • Personal: Joined a book club and read some good books. Feeling good about that.

Personally 2013 was a reasonably good year for me. Husband’s been dealing with professional, personal (with his family) and health issues. And this affects the entire family. Hope 2014 will be a good year for him and the family.

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