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Bookish influence

May 20, 2013

Historical romance is my favorite when it comes to reading. After a long break in reading, I’ve started with Lisa Kleypas’s Wallflower series. Her books are so addictive and I cannot stop reading one series after the other. These books have a way of making people yearn for the kind of intense romance they portray. I don’t think this is possible for most people in the real world. All my life I’ve been so prudish, I couldn’t help feeling discontent with it. And now I am trying to swat myself out of it.

I’ve always thought that the influence of movies on people is exaggerated (mostly because I never gave a second thought them after I was done watching). But if books could influence the thoughts of an adult woman, how can movies not influence the young minds. My world revolved around books since I was a kid, and they’ve had a role in shaping my personality as I grew up (mostly positive but they’ve probably corrupted me a little bit too).  It does scare me however that Indian movies might influence people and shape their personalities in some way.

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