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Social life and a peek into other’s lives

July 18, 2012

One of the things I love about India is the diversity of social interactions between people. Having the same set of friends and cousins to socialize with got quite boring back in the other part of the world. Here we have neighbors, friends, relatives on both sides of my family and the husbands that we can interact with time permitting. That is not to say we are social animals. Thanks to our busy professional/family life we are close to being anti-social. That doesn’t prevent me from getting happy about the little interactions I have with people.

We live in a neighborhood which is a hub for movie/tv people. There is an actress’s family living next door, and the girls mom and I became friends. There is another actor who is a hero in an upcoming movie living in our complex. Since they also moved back from out of the country, his mom and I became friends quickly. There is a remarkable difference in the level of support that each of them get from their family. The girls family hated her decision to join the film industry and did their best to dissuade her against acting. After a while they had no choice but to accept her decision but there is absolutely no support from them. She stuck with her stance and is moderately successful in her career. I admire her courage, independence and persistence with pursuing what she wanted in the not so easy film industry.

On the other hand, the family of the budding actor is committed to making him successful in his career. His mom put a hold to her career, and helps him with his special diets, exercise etc. Dad is involved in everything including the script, making him practice the dialogs, networking in the industry and so on. Their whole life revolves around the son becoming a successful hero.

I couldn’t help but compare their lives, and it left me wondering if it would have made a difference in the attitude of the girls family if she was a boy. And if she’d have been more successful if her family supported her fully.

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