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Proud mommy moments

June 18, 2012

Kiddo 1 was recounting his day at school.

Son: Today we played a game. My teacher gives an answer and the students had to come up with a smart question for that.

Me: Okay..

Son: I had many ideas, but other people had the same ideas and I was disappointed because I couldn’t say the same question again. But then I came up with an excellent question for one answer..

Me: What was answer and what is your question kiddo?

Son: My teacher’s answer is “Athena”…. and then a pause (he gets dramatic like that sometimes).

Me: Thinking about a question for “Athena” real quick – the best I could come up with is “Who is Athena?”…and then he continues..

Son: My question is “Who is the city of Athens named after?”. And my teacher said “Super Excellent” and got everyone in the class to clap for me.

Astounded Me: But where did you learn about Athens? and how do you know Athens is named after Athena?

Son: Oh I read it in my encyclopedia.

In other news, after my bookworm son finished the one Harry Potter book that we had at home, I decided to order the whole series of 7 books as a present for his 8th birthday. I ordered it early and got it 2 weeks before his birthday. Because both kids are getting on my nerves in the summer break, I figured it would keep my son busy until school starts and my plan worked. He was extremely happy to receive the birthday gift and started chomping on one right away. He successfully finished all 6 books (minus the one he already read) in 3 weeks. I am still on my 5th book now a week after he is done. And then he gets on my nerves by giving out the plot of all the books that I haven’t read…

There’s a couple of proud mommy moments for me.

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