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April 17, 2012

In an effort to help out a visually challenged friend of mine, I volunteered to voice record some material she needed to study for her bank exams. She is an amazing girl who has a very hard personal life in addition to her visual challenges. Despite everything, she has persevered to become a bank officer and continuously strives to improve herself both personally and professionally.

In the process of recording material for her, I realized a few things. It’s an “eye” opener for me in terms of how much we need to value our ability to see and read (regardless of my severely short sighted eyes). Not being able to see the world and the challenges involved in learning for visually challenged people is a major aspect. But here I am about to focus on the minor aspect of not being able to read – ever.

Reading out aloud and listening take much longer than if we were to read the same material silently. I have poor listening skills and take time to process when I listen to something. I miss out on some dialogs when I watch a movie for the first time (self-diagnosed myself with auditory processing disorder). I tend to process information much better if I am reading something as opposed to listening to it. One reason why I never took to audio books even when I had an hour long commute. Reading opened up my world and I believe that it shaped my personality to a large extent. What would I have done without the ability to read!!! Today I am thankful for my eye sight – myopic or not.

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